WeiLi Color Sperm Quality Analysis System

WLJY-9000 WeiLi Color Sperm Analysis System applies IT technique and advanced image processing technique to clinical test of sperm quality.In conformity with sperm test standards of WHO, this system provides accurate values of test items of sperm quality by fully analy-zing the motion characteristics of sperm in images of sperm in dynamic or static state. The whole test process takes a very short time and can provide a complete set of values for diagnosis of male reproductivity.

  • Our instrument adopts Papanicolaou’s stain technique to analyze deformity sperm in addition to regular examination of spermmotion characteristics.
  • Our instrument is able to examine sperm sample with density from 0 to 3,000,000/ml with no need to diluteit, which is very convenient for clinical application.
  • Our instrument can calibrate the magnifying rate automatically so as to ensure the consistency of the test result under different magnifying rates.
  • Our instrument can be installed additionally with other optional software such as ColorPathologic Testing & Cell Image Analysis System, Urinary Sediment Analysis, Color Sperm Morphologic Analysis, Fluorescent Venereal Disease Analysis, Karyotype Analysis System etc. programmed by us.
  • Constant Temperature Working Station. With this device, our instrument is able to ensure sperm to be kept at constant temperature of 37 degree so as to free sperm from outside influence caused by low temperature on sperm velocity, sperm vitality etc.
  • Moving desk. With this device, the instrument will become easier to operate and have a more attractive outlook.
  • We also can offer the aimal diagnostic kit, such as
  • Cattle Color Sperm Analysis System
  • Pig Color Sperm Analysis System
  • Dog Color Sperm Analysis System
  • Sheep Color Sperm Analysis System
  • Horse Color Sperm Analysis System

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