Truelab™ Micro PCR

The Truelab™ Real Time quantitative micro PCR system

Real Time micro PCR Analyzer for automatic amplification and analysis of extracted nucleic acids with Disease Specific Truenat™ Chip-based Real Time micro PCR Tests. For printing of results from Truelab™ Uno Real Time micro PCR Analyzer Hese are disease Specific Chip-based Real Time micro PCR Tests, for automatic amplification and analysis of extracted nucleic acids with Truelab™ Real Time micro PCR Analyzer

Truelab™ Micro PCR

  • High primer sensitivity and specificity
  • Micro chip based real-time PCR assay
  • Minimal sample requirement @ 6 μL
  • Smart chip with pre-set data for quantitation of results
  • Chip re-use lock

Technologically Advanced

  • Simplified sample processing
  • bioMEMS-based "PCR-on-Chip"
  • Portable, battery-operated platform
  • Remote disease surveillance through GPRS/Wi-Fi
  • Multiple disease detection

Convenient and Practical

  • Sample to result in less than one hour
  • No refrigeration needed for test reagents
  • No additional equipment required
  • Minimal user training
  • Software enables easy result review and communication

General Specifications -
Principle Patented real-time micro PCR
Optics Fluorescence, Dual Wavelength
Speed 40 cycles of PCR / 35 minutes
Interface Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth
Operating System Android 2.3
Calibration Auto-calibration
Memory 5000 test results
Temperature 15-35 C, RH 10 80%
Display Capacitive 3.2" Touch Screen
Printer External 2" Bluetooth Thermal Printer
Weight 0.9 kgs
Size 210mm X 140mm X 109mm
Power Rechargerable Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.5V; 2200 mAh
Input to AC/DC adaptor Single Phase 100-240V; 50/60Hz; 1500mA
Output from AC/DC adaptor 10V; 4500mA; 45VA

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