EasyFix Interlab G26

Fully Automated Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

EasyFix Interlab G26 is a unique instrument for clinical electrophoresis. All routine Electrophoresis tests can be run in full au­tomation from primary test tube. Also labour intensive and manual methods such as Immunofixation are now processed in full automation without any manual operator intervention. Until now it was impossible to have an instrument that could perform Immunofixation in complete automation. All Immunofixation phases including Sample Dilution, Antisera Incubation and Gel Blotting are handled automatically by the instrument.

Every 20* minutes it is possible to load the instrument with another gel of the same or different method. Continuous load­ing allows an extremely high degree of flexibility as well as an extremely high throughput.

Positive Sample ID

Load barcode labeled sample tubes for positive sample identification from tube to completed result. Combined with a unique gel number, traceability is provided for your laboratory.

On-Board Pipette

Sample preparation is simplified using the on-board sampler. Neat samples, and those requiring dilutions, are prepared with ease. Both standard and customized dilution settings are available for each specimen.

Migration Chamber

Accurately controlled peltier and electrodes allowing fast and precise band focalization. Vacuum controlled gel adhesion and disposable electrode sponges for easy set up and maintenance.


The Robotic Arm, with its electromagnetic head, controls all the automated steps required in gel processing. Capable of managing two gels of different assay methods simultaneously, providing speed and flexibility.

Product Specifications -
Voltage 120V 20A (90~260VAC - 50/60Hz)
Weight 100 lb (45 kg)
Dimensions 34 in x 20 in x 21 in (85 cm x 50 cm x 53 cm)

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