Areas of service:

In the diagnostics sector in which we operate, we provide service in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and genetics in the diagnostic sector in which we operate.

In the field of biochemistry:

Whereas our market share of electrophoresis devices and tests is %60, it's 70% for RIA tests. We also provide service in the field of ELISA tests and represent specific products such as the GastroPanel test.

In the field of autoimmune tests:

  • IFA
  • We are the provider of Dot Blot / Western Blot device and tests.

In the field of infectious diseases:

We offer wide infection ELISA test panels.

In the case of tuberculosis:

We offer the best IGRA test in the field, T-SPOT.TB, and and Tuberculosis PCR tests.

In the field of molecular tests:

Multipleks PCR tests;

  • Respiratory tract panel
  • Gastrointestinal panel
  • Meningitis / Sepsis panel
  • Androflor / Femoflor test panels of sexually transmitable diseases
  • HPV Genotyping
  • We provide PCR tests that molecularly diagnoses more than 100 diseases.

In the field of genetic tests:

We provide laboratory system installation / service, medical laboratory with an accredited medical laboratory, external laboratory services.

In the field of all laboratory tests:

  • We provide laboratory setup service.
  • We provide kits and devices.
  • We provide external laboratory test services.

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